Category: Website design & development

  • All Work No Play

    All Work No Play

    Joseph Lynn is a good friend and film-maker/photographer who toured with the comedian Noel Fielding during 2014. Throughout his time on tour he photographed a number of intimate moments both on and off stage and there was a strong demand for him to sell prints of his work.

  • Cavanagh’s Cottage

    Cavanagh’s Cottage

    Craftsman Hughie McCormack had just finished restoring his family cottage in Ireland when he contacted me about creating this site. Here was a project that needed to reflect the client’s incredible attention to detail and high level of skill, so as to really sell the cottage to potential holiday-makers.

  • Sun Centre World

    Sun Centre World

    For over 30 years Sun Centre World has been providing top-class sun centres to the North West, and with such a focus on a high-quality experience for every client at their centres, they wanted a website to reflect their dedication.

  • SSBB


    Stockport Schools’ Brass Bands (SSBB) was in dire need of a new site – a vibrant group of young and old who come together to create fantastic music, they wanted to be well represented on the web. As well as having a powerful desktop site a mobile version that mirrored all the functionality was also…

  • AWDemolition


    AWDemolition wanted a good-looking site to provide potential clients with a great impression of the company, and an easy mode by which to contact them. The brief was simple: create a good-looking and simple site, which the client can update at the drop of a hat.

  • RWPhysio


    RWPhysio is a new business in the Cheadle area that serves to help those affected by sports-injuries and other problems associated with movement and mobility problems. To inform people about the business the company came to me to produce a sleek website and various print media.

  • Tank Maintenance NW

    Tank Maintenance NW

    Local business Tank Maintenance North West wanted to launch itself into the industry with a professional marketing strategy and good-looking website. For that, they came to me to ask for a simple website that would properly convey their friendly and passionate business.

  • Essential Cuisine

    Essential Cuisine

    A market leader in the field, Essential Cuisine, wanted to create a sophisticated tool for showing chefs just how much money they might save if they used their products. The result was a simple interface with a powerful core, to be used by company reps help prospective clients just how much better off they would…

  • St Ann’s Church

    St Ann’s Church

    St Ann’s needed a refreshed website to allow members of the parish to update others about all the ongoing activities going on. They wanted an easy to use and easily-maintained site tailored to some very specific needs. I was able to create a platform for them to publish and update content, while at the same…

  • Cooking Pete

    Cooking Pete

    Award winning chef Peter Walters (yep he’s my dad) wanted a website to store all of his fantastic recipes, and the ability to blog about developments in the industry. He wanted a website he could easily update, and one that others would find useful. Getting the rankings on Google was therefore very important, and within…