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Note: I have since redesigned the site and moved it over to a Django/Python back-end, visiting the URL below will show you the updated design.

Peter Walters is an award-winning chef who consistently writes for a number of publications. But the only people benefiting from his work were the small market reading those magazines. So, in an effort to provide high-quality recipes with support from a chef with over 35 years experience, Cooking Pete was born.

The site features videos and photos alongside many recipes to enhance the experience, and due to the high quality of both content and code, a number of search terms began rendering the site in the top 10 on Google.

Having created the website I went on to create print-ready graphics which were then stitched onto premium chefs jackets. As well as photographing the food, I shot and edited the entire catalog of videos on the site. And with such a reliable source traffic to the site is growing month on month.