You should host with Media Temple

I remember a few months back when I was faced with a dilemma, what hosting company should I go with for a certain client. I have had experience with some cheaper companies and to be honest for the price it isn’t bad. However recently I have had problems with slow servers and a lot of downtime. Therefore I would like to recommend to anyone reading this to go with Media Temple. Now the cynics among you may believe that I am just trying to make money from referrals, but I can honestly say Media Temple is a great company. They provide an excellent service at what I think are reasonable prices.But it isn’t just their service that is great, it’s their attitude towards their customers. Their Twitter account is regularly updated by their staff, and should you have any questions or concerns you can send them a message via Twitter. Moreover they offer 24/7 phone support in case of any issues that may arise.

The back-end of their site is as slick a site as you ever did see. You can tell that they care about design, because the user experience is fantastic. The list of features is wonderful, and they are a caring company. For instance the other day I sent them a reply to a tweet where they were asking for interesting stuff, naturally I sent them a link to the article about Robert Noyce on this site. Soon after that tweeted the link and sent me a message of thanks asking for my address. Turns out they wanted to send me a T-Shirt for my support! Yes I know, big deal, but it’s nice to know that they care, as opposed to just ignoring you after they get your money, or stating that MySQL issues are too complex to be dealt with by our online support kind of attitude.

So I can honestly say that Media Temple should be your host of choice; and if you don’t believe me, then look at the list of clients on the website!





3 responses to “You should host with Media Temple”

  1. Jonny Jones avatar

    Hi Tom, loving the website! I completely agree with this (mt) article! I’ve just joined and I had some tech issues to start with, all of which were resolved literally within minutes via Twitter! From my experience with plenty of other hosts, no other hosting company is accessible like this and no other company honestly cares as much as (mt) does! My money well spent I think! All the best, Jonny.

    1. Tom avatar

      I’m glad you’re liking the site Jonny – really kind and I totally agree, their support is above and beyond that of any other hosting company I’ve ever been with.

  2. cookie avatar

    you need to check out dreamhost mate. They are incredible.