Poster Giveaway

It’s that time again people – when the kind folks of this world decide to use me to give things away to you guys! This time I’m happy to announce that it is a poster giveaway! So what’s the deal? Well the guys over at Digital Room have provided free access to their fantastic online poster maker service. Digital Room offers some fantastic services (in this case, their great online poster maker), and their work is of really high quality, but what am I giving away today you ask?

1 18×24 Poster Print
Semi Gloss / High Gloss

Isn’t that great?! So now you can make yourself your very own poster to do with anything you like – whether that is boosting general awareness about your business or an upcoming event, or even if you just want a great big poster of freshly baked cookies in your office (who wouldn’t?!). As always this competition is only available to US residents, 18 and over, and will run until next Tuesday – Tuesday 10th August 2010.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment down below – why not share what you would do with the prize? I’d love to hear some suggestions. Be sure to use your real name/email address as that’s how I will be contacting the winner.

Good luck!






3 responses to “Poster Giveaway”

  1. Jake Culp avatar
    Jake Culp

    Nice website and social buttons!

  2. Brian Spence avatar
    Brian Spence

    Hope I’m not too late!

  3. Harry Peters avatar
    Harry Peters

    I could do with this prize for a local fundraiser for a charity I work for…