Hey I’m Tom, I like to design little corners of the web, and photograph little corners of the world. I’m a self confessed geek who loves writing code for the web and iOS platform. I’m currently working on a number of projects in all kinds of areas from cooking to productivity. I’m currently most interested in machine learning, and am writing code to make the web more intelligent and self thinking, but don’t worry, the domain skynet.com is already taken.

I recently launched cookingpete.com – a place to find classic and new recipes written by an award winning chef, and hope to launch a few idea of mine this year.

So what do I do when I’m not on the computer? Well as I mentioned above, I fancy myself as an amateur
photographer (doesn’t every web designer?), and also love to draw. Aside from that I have a love of both reading and writing fiction, both of which I am currently engaged in, I’m not going to be the next Shakespeare, but I’ve found that it’s a good outlet for the all my crazy ideas.

I am an awful speller, and have spent time on money fixing my errors, so if you ever spot a mistake, do let me know. I could eat popadums all day, and have my coffee black with no sugar. I love films – specifically the works of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, but I also love the classics such as Pulp Fiction and of course The Shawshank Redemption. I loved Inception, and found Black Swan…er… interesting.

And that’s about it I’m afraid! I shall leave you with a favourite quote of mine:

Imagination is more important than knowledge ~ Einstein

Oh and I tweet over at @Tom_Walters.

A little about the site

I started Tom’s Big Box back in 2008, but it was greatly different to what you see today. It began as a home for not only my own, but a number of friend’s blogs, and was, how best to put it? Lacking direction. So I re-launched it in 2009 and blogged away for about a year; but then I stopped. So in May 2011 I re-designed it and tried to move the focus onto the content and away from noise, and that is what you see today.

Tom’s Big Box is my “all things web” blog where I write articles pertaining to my work, and more specifically problems I have faced (and hopefully overcome), and I aim to help the weary-Google-traveller along a road I have travelled many times, that being the search for a solution to a problem. Every so often I post my thoughts about something in the industry and sometimes even make screen-casts in an effort to help people more.

And so I blog on! If you find anything wrong with the site, or have a question about one of the articles send me a carrier pigeon and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

I should add that at this point in time the site looks just awful in IE, I make no apoligies for this, but I will make some adjustments for the 8% of traffic that uses IE for whatever reason.


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