Month: April 2010

  • Squarespace is great, but…

    Disclaimer: I think Squarespace provides an excellent service and I don’t hate them! So there has been a lot of hype recently surrounding the service Squarespace recently. And I read an article in .NET which was an interview with the founder, but when I finished reading I realized that I disagreed with some of the […]

  • What is Social Media?

    So the term “social media” is thrown around a lot these days as a way of making people think that us designers are clever in the way in which we update Twitter feeds. But what does the term actually mean in terms of everyone involved with it? For some people such as clients, social media […]

  • Replacing the […] in WordPress

    Some of you might be wondering what I mean by the […], well I am of course referring to the symbol generated by WordPress upon calling the function the_excerpt(). Now personally I really dislike the symbol which is generated as it often doesn’t fit with my design, and I always prefer to have an ellipse […]

  • What’s that, another theme?!

    Ah yes, it is true, I have changed the theme on the site yet again! Why? Well because I quickly concluded that the previous theme, named “Elegancia” was rather sub-standard, and so I set about creating a more robust theme for the site. While working on this theme I’ve come up with plenty of idea […]

  • Making dynamic dropdowns in WordPress

    Note: This article has been marked for a quality review and will soon be updated. The latest craze which is sweeping across WordPress theme development is that of adding drop-down menus to menu items to display sub-pages. Now while this is all very simple if we take a couple of unordered-lists and stick them in […]