Designing for the Web

When you sit down at your computer, or with a sketch-pad and pen, to design a website, you are essentially designing for the web. But what does this actually mean? From a designer’s perspective like mine, it simply means that I take a number of things into consideration (on top of the many fundamentals of… Continue reading Designing for the Web

Making handy Tool tips

Note: This article has been marked for a quality review and will soon be updated. These days in web design, it is important to be concise, especially when dealing with menu items – nobody likes an unnecessarily long piece of text to click on when it just isn’t necessary. However in many cases a simple… Continue reading Making handy Tool tips

100% Width

Note: I am planning an update for this article to improve the quality. A common question from new web designers is how to make a div 100% of the browser window, many people complain that there is always some sort of border around their div, preventing them from making their element the full width of… Continue reading 100% Width