Tag: Photoshop

  • Importing hand-drawn art into Photoshop

    Using Photoshop to design websites it great – it allows for pixel-perfect designs that can then be styled to your hearts-content using all the powerful tools included in the application. But sometimes it’s nice to add a human touch, and have hand-drawn art in our designs. Now I personally don’t do this all too often, […]

  • Reality check: Why Adobe Muse doesn’t matter.

    Recently a number of people in the web community, specifically developers have been complaining about Adobe Muse, a website creation tools for people without coding knowledge. And while I agree that Adobe doesn’t know what the community wants, I think the reactions to this tool have been a little too big. Here are my musings […]

  • QuickTip: Create a dotted/dashed line in Photoshop

    More and more often nowadays I am finding the need to create dotted or dashed lines in my Photoshop mockups, but what is a ten second job in CSS, could turn out to be a ten minute job in Photoshop if you don’t know how to do so easily. Before I came across the trick […]