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  • Protect your assets with expiring URLs

    Note: This article has been marked for a quality review and will soon be updated. A problem that many web developers face is how to protect their assets. Specifically ones that users are supposed to pay for – say a video training site for instance, you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry being able […]

  • Adding Vignettes to Images with CSS

    Vignettes are something we’ve been able to add to images in Photoshop for many years – it describes the technique of reducing clarity towards the edges of images by reducing things like saturation and brightness, and can often give an image a different quality. It was for that reason that I decided I wanted to […]

  • Resizing images – the right way

    Something that is very important on the web today is how fast our websites load, and alongside script optimization and other fancy tricks, images are a large part of our sites, and so it’s important that they are optimized for the web. However what if we don’t have control over the size of the images, […]