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  • Replacing the […] in WordPress

    Some of you might be wondering what I mean by the […], well I am of course referring to the symbol generated by WordPress upon calling the function the_excerpt(). Now personally I really dislike the symbol which is generated as it often doesn’t fit with my design, and I always prefer to have an ellipse […]

  • Building a CMS Part 3

    And so we’ve arrived at the last in this set of tutorials; if you’ve been following along, by now you should have a user system as well as a basic CMS. At the moment we have a very strong base for our CMS but there are still a few things that we need to talk […]

  • Building a CMS Part 2

    Note: This post is currently undergoing review and will be updated within the next few days to reflect more recent standards and better code quality. So if you’re following this set of tutorials you should now have your very own login system that allows users to sign up and login. However these tutorials aren’t about […]

  • Building a CMS Part 1

    A content management system (or CMS) is the best way (I think) to maintain a site. This site, like many others uses WordPress, a blogging CMS. There are many options available to us web designers out there, but I think creating your own CMS is a really good way of learning a lot of new techniques. […]