Goodbye Mr Decade

So, ten years have passed and with them some amazing things have happened. Technology has changed the face of the world in the past 10 years and has changed almost beyond recognition. For example at the beginning of the decade the word iPod sounded like something from a bad sci-fi movie. The word Google was barely know. And By all accounts it seemed as if Apple were nearly dead. But then something amazing happened. the iPod, iMac, and various other products with names beginning with the letter “i” were introduced. The iPod changed the way we listen to music. The iMac turned the old clunky computer into a fashion statement, and Google revolutionised the internet and at the same time became part of our own vocabulary.

Now I’m not going to do a whole post speaking of how great Apple has been over the past 10 years, because I’m sure there are many of them about. Instead I want to focus on just how different technology is today. Think about it; at the turn of the decade we all still had phones that could do little more than phone and text (that is if we had one!). We were all watching TVs that took up 1/4 of our living rooms, and we had never heard of blogging. But technical advances and modern entrepreneurs gave way to a tech filled number of years. The iPod changed the way we listen to music, coming from being able to fit about 10 albums on it, to being able to hold 10s of thousands, and set the standard for all personal music players after it. The iPhone changed the way we see phones – no longer were they just for calling people – no, now you could play Super Monkey Ball on it as well – oh the joy! But lets not forget, when the iPhone first arrived the design and intention was great, but it lacked features that business clients required to function, and wasn’t the world’s best phone. But alas, over the past few years it has developed into something great.

Flash memory has come a long way too. think about how we all take it for granted – “Oh yeah I’ve brought the holiday photos round on my pendrive to show you”. As the years have gone on flash memory has got smaller and faster every day  – however I believe it will be in the next ten years that flash memory with make it’s mark – more on that later. Think about TVs, although there are few – think about OLED (or Organic Light Emitting Diode). It’s an innovation that has only come about in recent years, but soon it is set to sweep the nation, replacing all the old LED and plasma screens because of how good it is.

Social networking ha made people millions. Facebook has a reported 320 million active users, growing by the day. Twitter is used worldwide and has become a source of on the fly journalism to see what people are really interested in. We can now contact all of our friends at once using these sites. We can share photos and we can even stalk people! Yeah, you better ignore that last one.

I could go on for hours about the numerous advances, and I fear that this post is somewhat cumbersome because I have tried to cram everything into it at one, but then there you go! I’ve enjoyed the last 10 years. I hope that at the end of the next decade I will still be blogging and I will then be able to bring you a review of the decade yet to come. Realistically speaking that may never happen, but you’ve got to have hope.

Although I haven’t been able to document this decade very well with this post – I just want you to sit back and think about everything that has gone on technology wise over the past 10 years – and marvel at how far we have come.

I believe the next decade will be even more exciting, as todays products evolve into even better stuff. And maybe, just maybe, I might get my own personal robot!