Get out of the Office!

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been on holiday. Holidays are great when I need to relax and get away from work, however when I’m on holiday I like to design websites and other stuff anyway. I also love to learn new stuff and get on with whatever I was doing before I came on holiday. Where I live it snowed solid for a few days and I had no need to go out. I was indoors for about 3 days, and towards the end of those days I found myself lacking inspiration and creativity, not even Abduzeedo’s daily inspiration could pick me up. Shortly after I ventured outside the confines of my office an breathed fresh air. When I returned to my desk I was rearing to go, and I suddenly had loads of ideas. So my message to you is this – if you work all day in front of the same desk you’re inspiration is going to dry up fast. It is when I am away from my desk when I am most creative (that’s why I always carry a notepad!) and I believe the same is true of other designers. I find it is only when I stop thinking in terms of web design that I come up with great ideas.

So if you are sat in front of you computer screen, and you have been doing so for over 2 hours now -maybe it’s time for a break! Get outside and Fuel your Creativity!