👋 Howdy

My name is Tom and I cook plants.

My dad has been a professional chef for over 40 years and he handed me a knife when I was just 3 to start chopping mushrooms. Once my mum got over the shock of finding her infant child wielding a large knife, I was allowed to continue cooking on a regular basis. Since then, I’ve been slicing, simmering, and salivating-over food of every variety.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m still chopping those mushrooms on a weekly basis, and I’d like to think that I’ve expanded my skillset somewhat. I love cooking and eating food of every variety, and I’ve been snapping photos of my creations for years. A number of friends have asked for the recipes behind these photos and on the assumption that they weren’t just being nice, I thought I’d put together…


I’ve been a vegan for some time now, and so everything you see on here is entirely plant-based. No animals needed (unless you have any assistance from pets during the course of cooking!)

This site is an outlet for my adventures in the kitchen and a great way to force me to cook something interesting every day.

Whenever that special mix of motivation and hunger combine I like diving straight into clear recipes which deliver on audacious flavours and (most of the time) a healthy punch. Hopefully each recipe meets that target, and the results you get from making music in the kitchen put a great big grin on your face.

Where to Start

Okay, so there are a whole bunch of recipes on here and a whole bunch of different people visiting, so here are some quick ideas: