Month: July 2011

  • St Ann’s Church

    St Ann’s Church

    St Ann’s needed a refreshed website to allow members of the parish to update others about all the ongoing activities going on. They wanted an easy to use and easily-maintained site tailored to some very specific needs. I was able to create a platform for them to publish and update content, while at the same time photographing the church for a gallery page.

  • Cooking Pete

    Cooking Pete

    Award winning chef Peter Walters (yep he’s my dad) wanted a website to store all of his fantastic recipes, and the ability to blog about developments in the industry. He wanted a website he could easily update, and one that others would find useful. Getting the rankings on Google was therefore very important, and within the first week search results began to feature the site.

  • Wragg Catering

    Wragg Catering

    Wragg Catering was in need of some logo design love, as well as a new leaflet. So to encapsulate the business I decided a birthday muffin would do the trick, and they’ve been getting new business ever since. This project was to be completed very quickly, and with a turn-around time of just 2 weeks, they were very happy with the results.

  • Tom’s Big Box

    Tom’s Big Box

    Tom’s Big Box is my own personal blog, and earlier this year I decided to give it a polish and redesign the blog. Not only is it a fully featured Wordpress theme, it’s also the place where I share all my solutions to tough technical problems I encounter when designing and developing my websites. When designing I decided to focus highly on the content, and so removed any visual noise.

  • Force JS replace to work on all occurrences of needle

    When manipulating strings in JavaScript a useful method to know about is the replace() method. It take 2 parameters – the needle and the haystack. So if you wanted to replace ‘cat’ with ‘dog’ it might look something like this: var myString = “The cat jumped over the fence”; var myNewString = myString.replace(“cat”,”dog”); document.write(myNewString); Great it worked. […]

  • Build an early sign-up mailing list system

    Note: This article has been marked for a quality review and will soon be updated. When you’ve got a great idea for a product its often hard to resist buying up the domain name for it, but what do you put there? A coming soon logo? A paragraph about what you’re making? How about allowing […]

  • Spice up your Hyperlinks!

    Now the words ‘hyperlink’ and ‘sexy’ rarely frequent the same sentence in my household, but something which appears to have come into fashion lately (namely I’m using it ;)) is the fading in of the hover state on hyperlinks. So instead of simply specifying the :hover state in your CSS, you use JavaScript or CSS3 […]

  • Building a Confirmation Dialog in JavaScript

    Note: This article has been marked for a quality review and will soon be updated. A common feature of desktop applications is that when a user prompts a potentially destructive action, the program will display a confirmation dialog to ensure that the user doesn’t go and do something silly. To do this we will use […]

  • An introduction to OOP

    Note: This article has been marked for a quality review and will soon be updated. Object-orientated programming is a concept that is more likely to pop up when programming desktop applications rather than those for the web. But once you start using OOP you will wonder why you ever used procedural programming (that’s simply using […]